Listerine and Jesus Juice

“I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little”


High Art

I heard this one at an art gallery last weekend:

“The colon of life churns out beautiful creations for us to behold.”

Submitted by Craig in Long Beach

The Scent Of A Whore

A friend describing a new set of candles she recently received as a gift:

“They smell like they belong in a hooker’s bathroom…so I put them in my bathroom.”

Jesus On A Stick

My friend’s son is in elementary school. His class is studying about the California Missions. My friend accompanies her son on a field trip to tour a local mission.

Mounted on the front outer wall of the mission is a large crucifix.

There, within earshot of the many tourists and parents, her son looks up at her and asks, “Mommy, who is that man on the stick?”

So That’s What Guys Talk About In There!

Overheard coming from inside the men’s room at work:

Was it a floater or a sinker?”

Submitted by C.T. in Gardena, CA